This analysis requires Falcon Eye Global Security personnel, to evaluate a companies current in-house security and perform a total comprehensive appraisal, of any perceived or existing threat.  This evaluation is the key ingredient to any company’s existence, in today’s very dangerous and unsafe world.  This helps management make various threat management decisions, based on known facts.  Falcon Eye’s personnel works through a complete threat analysis process and then can assist companies with the critical tasks of:


  • Identifying and evaluating threats at the customer’s various sites.  (multiple offices)
  • Establishing a threat-risk management program.  (company wide)        
  • Identifying and defining the customer's security process flows (and potential changes required)        
  • Evaluating physical security processes. (building, networks, personnel, executive protection)
  • Providing information and data, trends, methodologies, and the likelihood of any possible risk actions occurring.


The possibility of a loss depends on the risk and the preventive measures taken to counter these risks. Our threat analysis process identifies and evaluates risk that may ultimately become a security threat. Each threat is analyzed and assigned a threat level based on the likelihood and consequence. The threat analysis process includes a thorough study of:

  • Adverse effect and criticality to customer's operations (multiple offices)       
  • Impact to a customer's operational processes and workflow
  • Quantifying factors applied to threat to ensure that the correct threat rating is assigned
  • Threat including identification assigning a threat rating for each threat and recommending the countermeasures necessary to manage the threat

Threat analysis is a corporation’s key component in their total operational and counter terrorism policy making decisions.  These types’ decisions are the key to making any organization operating in today’s hostile world, safer.  Real-time assessments and long-term evaluations allow a company to make an informed choice, regarding security and this helps them to meet today’s many diverse challenges.


The types of threat analysis evaluations that have been described above, are usually performed by retired law enforcement personnel FBI agents or Secret Service and State Police with a minimum of twenty years experience, in these types of counter terrorism investigation policies and procedures. 

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