GPS Vehicle Tracking Products

  • XTrack (US Version)XTrack can be installed in a majority of the vehicles available in North America.
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  • XTrack (Global version)The same features as the US version but can operate worldwide
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XTrack is the most versatile and economical diagnostic device available today for communicating vital vehicle information to owners via ubiquitous GSM/GPRS networks. With an optional integrated GPS engine, embedded cellular, PCS and GPS antennas, and integrated OBDII interface, XTrack is the ultimate solution for fleet managers in need of monitoring location, speed and other valuable data on the OBD port of vehicles.
  • Frequency Band 850/1900 MHz
  • Transmit Power 33 dBm @ 850 MHz ; 30 dBm @ 1900 MHz
  • Status Indicators Network registration/GPRS
  • GPS position acquisition status
  • OBDII lock status
  • 16 channel Receiver with -158 dBm sensitivity
  • Supports TCP, UDP and FTP
  • Dimensions 1.8" x 1.5" x 1"