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An independent firm offering unbiased and objective solutions for your security needs.
With offices in the U.S. and in the Middle East we design and integrate security solutions to safeguard personnel and assets. We have a proven track record of successfully completing difficult global projects and are prepared to accept challenging assignments anywhere in the world.

what we offer

our work team

The Falcon Eye team is made up of dedicated security professionals with over 138 years of combined experience in all phases of the security industry. From system design to project management this team will work with your best interest at heart, to develop the required design specifications, security programs and procedures for your specific critical security and Infrastructure projects.


our mission

Falcon Eye Global Security understands...

that businesses throughout the world are facing ever increasing daily risks. Traditional problems relating to facilities security, employee monitoring and criminal theft of property are now compounded by the threat of global terrorism. This presents a formidable challenge to companies operating in a global marketplace. We believe that corporations who have a solid, comprehensive understanding of the potential threats; and who have developed sound workable solutions for neutralizing and overcoming these obstacles have a much greater opportunity for success.